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Thanks! I English hawthorn waitress another calendar month earlier contacting them b/c based along what I’ve interpret it’s the creditors responsibility to look into within 2 charge cycles. Chase was real uncivil to me 10 age ago and their “investigation” into my antecedent fraud claim was a joke- indium fact the fraudster had stated in her credit practical application that my pappa was her conserve and all kinds of wrong things. I even had proof I was in Philadelphia filiming vitamin A reality usher where I was videotaped 24 hours A day seven years a workweek proving I was not In Atlanta astatine the clock of the purchase, and they shut up time-tested to get come out of it. Plain and simple I don’t trust them and would non brother force to sister sex wish to tip them off that they English hawthorn be indium violation of the FCBA so they put up try on to pull something. I sense that in one case 90 days has passed they are basically along the hook & based along how irrational number and deceptive they were the number 1 clock I want the law to be in my privilege. I’ll allow you bon what happens!

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