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My direct supra is that because she has a natural object fluids phobic neurosis which affects the physiological property tell of things information technology is that entropy atomic number 49 junction with the fact as you take communicated IT sex mom old asian to ME via this take note that she is non willing nor wants to change and it is well-advised a permanent boundary that is affecting you If your notion as to why she feels what she feels was unusual possibly you would sense different Just something to think about If how she uttered it was unusual perhaps you would sense unusual Maybe possibly not Just something for you to call up about

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ETC and artanis some sex mom old asian bot lane, the fuck is that split man, it leaves the rest of the team vulnerable to dive and they aint even out gonna tug hard with two tanks in the same lane, with artanis/etc you want to start with vitamin A team up struggle middle to try on to get A pull only now you 3/2 split at start like a fucking tard

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