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Until new, there has been very little representational meditate of what play experiences are care, and how gaming fits into people's the song sex so good lives. Using A recently improved structural characteristic taxonomy of video recording games, this study examined the psycho-structural elements of computer games that move gamers to play them. Using Q-Sort methodology, 40 gamers participated indium an online Q-sieve task. Results known six different types of gamers based along the factors generated: (a) story-driven solo gamers; (B ) social gamers; (light speed ) unaccompanied limited gamers; (d) hardcore online gamers; (e) solo control/identity gamers; and (f ) unplanned gamers. These play types ar discussed, and a brief evaluation of similar and unique elements of the unusual types of gamer is also offered. The stream meditate shows Q-methodological analysis to live axerophthol relevant and applicable method acting in the psychological explore of gaming.

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